Sunday, June 26, 2011

Elk Tacos

Sunday, we took a ride into Riggins as we had heard one of the restaurants serves great
Elk tacos. Shelly's Back Eddy Grill is known for their great burgers. However,  a couple of the people at the Escapees Hop recommended the Elk Tacos. We had to try them and were glad we did. They were great The meat was ground and the tacos included cabbage, cheese and a delicious salsa with just enough heat.
They also have alligator tacos which we might go back later in the week to try.
While we sat outside enjoying our food and beers, I took a few pictures of some classic cars in front.

We took a left outside of town to explore some of the backroads. We were going to go to a point where we would be able to see Hell's Canyon but we needed to be back at the resort to registration for the Hop and the Happy Hour that follows.
We made it back in time and after announcements and some socializing, we had dinner. Dinner was served outside. Past 4 Wheel Drive Hops took place at RV Resorts with large rooms for group dining and meetings, but this place didn't have that. At least the weather is good. Unfortunately the food was not very good, roast beef way past well done. Hopefully the next catered dinner on Wednesday will improve. Anyway the company was good and we enjoyed the conversation.

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