Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wind on down the Road

We left Memaloose State Park on Friday with a short drive to LePage Park, which is on the confluence of the Columbia and John Day River. We got a pull through site right on the river. It is only $11 a day as it is run by the Army Corps of Engineers and we get half price with our Golden Age Password. Love it. And this is with electric and water. Don't miss So Cal State Parks prices, which are up to $60 or more with no hook ups and not always right on the beach.

There are wind farms all along the Gorge. They are also a number of dams that are hydroelectric plants. In fact there is a big controversy at the moment due to all the rain the Western states have received this year. This from a LA Times article:
"The problem is an unexpected collision between two of the Northwest's most treasured environmental assets, wind power and endangered salmon. Spring flows on the Columbia are so high that power system operators say they cannot dial back hydroelectric generators without harming the small juvenile fish now making their way down the river in their spring migration to the sea. With the turbines generating so much electricity, there is much less room on the grid for wind power." Interesting dilemma.

While we were there a group came in on their way from a car show. One of the people Joe talked to said they use their vehicle every day, not just for shows.

Saturday we also had to go back to the Dalles to take Savannah to the vet. She has not been feeling well and is not eating her regular food In fact the only thing she will eat is cheese. She is not herself at all.  The doctor took some blood samples and determined it was probably something she ate or maybe drank as she drinks out of the rivers. By Sunday afternoon we saw a little progress in her feeling better. It has been very windy and so again we didn't do any kakaying. Happy Fathers Day to all.
We left Monday, which of course, was the nicest day. We did enjoy seating out by the river, doing some reading and relaxing. We stayed one night at Emigrant Springs State Park, a nice place with lots of trees but right on the 84 and so pretty noisy. Traffic usually doesn't bother us much but it was pretty close and so louder than the other places on the Gorge that we stayed at previously.

Tuesday we went on to our last spot in Oregon, La Grande Rendezvous RV Resort, which is just under an hour away. We stopped there to make a shopping trip to Walmart to stock up as Riggins, where we will be on Friday, is a very small town and won't have much in shopping supplies. Man, have prices gone up. Even at Walmart. Savannah is getting back to her old self. However, she is still not eating her regular dry food. We bought some canned food. I added it to her dry food and guess what. She ate it all up. Ummm, I think she was rebelling a little, maybe needed a chance in diet. She is much better, which we are very happy about.
Wednesday we are on the way to Idaho. We decided to spend a few days in McCall before making our way to Riggins.
Happy summer solstice!!!! We are ready for some warm weather, with no wind.


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