Monday, June 6, 2011

Dashing Through the Snow

Another cloudy day, rain possible. We decided to take a drive from Rocky Point on the 140 towards Medford. It is a pretty drive and we stopped at a few campgrounds to check out for the future.  One place seem to have sites that might be okay but the roadway seemed narrow and too curved to get our big beast through it. It was on a nice lake though.

We saw a sign for Fourmile Lake and decided to check it out. It was on a dirt road but pretty smooth. It was six miles to the lake but we only got half way there before the road showed closed. It hadn't been cleared of snow yet. The elevation of the lake is 5744'.

We took Savannah's leash off so she could run in the snow. She had a ball, running back and forth, only stopping to lick the snow once in awhile.

We checked out the Lake of the Woods , which includes a RV Resort and two campgrounds near the lake as well as cabins and a restaurant.
Looks like a nice place to stay. Check out the sign in this area. Guess they might have had a record year for rain.

Great Meadow?

              We passed by some volcanic rocks. The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway  intersects 140 and we had spent time checking that out in one of our past trips in this area.  We had a nice drive and never did get any rain.  Another good day.                            

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