Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shine On you crazy Diamond Lake

Wednesday was another move day as we head north. We have a couple more weeks in Oregon before we head to the Escapees 4 Wheel Drive Hop in Riggins, Idaho at the end of June. We have been to Diamond Lake which is less than 3 hours from Rocky Point. It would have been even shorter but since the south end of Crater Lake, which we would normally have traveled through was closed and so we went back south through Klamath Falls and then north on the 97. It is in the Umpqua Forest about 8 miles from the north entrance of Crater Lake Once we got there we started going in the first entrance and saw it was closed due to snow on the road. We entered the other end and as we entered the Diamond Lake Campground saw snow on the sides of the road. We thought there would be no problem getting a space with all the snow in the campground but there actually weren't many sites open. This is a big fishing area and this Saturday is free fishing day and so most of the campgrounds on lakes in Oregon are bond to be pretty busy.

  We did get a good site.It is not directly on the lake but just across the road with a good view. It is a pull through site and so view is great from the side window.

   We got there late afternoon but took a little walk and Savannah met another dog friend who is only a year old and so I took her leash off so they could play and chase each other around, which they did. We didn't think we would get satellite with all the trees but surprising we did.    Cell also strong.                                                                                                                                      

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