Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kayaking and Marketing in McCall

Saturday looks to be a beautiful day and so we decide to go back to McCall to do the kayaking we wanted to do when we were there but got foiled by weather. It is only a 40 minute drive in the Jeep and is a pretty drive. We first stopped at a Farmer's Market which is near the lake right in town. They didn't have a lot of produce which is what we are use to in the California Farmer's markets. They did have meats and salmon. One vendor actually had the hard chorizo that we had been looking for that we needed for a Bobby Flay baked bean dish we wanted to make. We also got homemade hummus and some fresh baked bread.

Then it was off to the lake. We went to the boat launch that we had discovered on our drive when we were staying in McCall. It is called the North Beach launch area. We headed north on what is called the Meanders which is a water area between Upper Payette and Payette Lake. We paddled the river upstream first for about an hour and a half and then took a leisurely paddle back down to the launch side. We saw a number of kayakers and canoers. There is also a boat launch area at the campground we looked at when we were here before. Another great day paddling in a scenic and idyllic place.


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