Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few days in Bend

Friday afternoon we arrived at Skandia RV Resort. It is a nice private campground right in town. It doesn't have the "it" factor we have had lately. It's not on the water and you may have guessed I love staying right on the water or at least can see it from our site. However, it is nice and has a lot of trees and you almost wouldn't know you were next door to a Wendy's. We wanted to have full hooks which we haven't had and also wanted to do some laundry and needed to do some grocery shopping, which we did the day we got here. We also checked out a dog park which is at River Bend Park right on the Deschutes River. There are two fenced in areas, one for small dogs. We didn't see that one at first and so when in the one where several large dogs came right up to her and she got a little shy. She seems to be better one on one, especially with the larger dogs  When we took her into the small are she went up to the other dogs but didn't really run around like she usually does. Of course when we got back and she saw another dog in the park, Zooey, she was jumping around and barking and wanting to play. Kooky little dog.

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